Is your child ready to take the stage? Are they ready to uncover and fully harness their natural ability and fast track the advancement of their vocal and musical skill sets? We take your child to the next level in their musical journey.  


At Dallas Voice, we first assess a student’s natural abilities and ask them about their musical interests and objectives. In understanding this, we can tailor our instruction to include examples from artists that they know and love. When we understand where that student ultimately wants to go... then helping them get there becomes a little easier.


First and foremost, we lay the critical groundwork necessary for students to have a healthy vocal life. We teach our students the methods that uncover the idealized sound of their voice. When students are taught in simple terms the fundamental principles of their voice; then the speed and traction of the learning process can dramatically increase. This allows students to fast tack their development of a professional level voice. That professional level voice will ultimately get them where they really want to go a lot faster. Many children are actively singing in their classrooms at school, and some children are already involved in theatre and are singing numerous hours per week. However, they may be reinforcing poor vocal technique day after day that is actually causing their progress to lag. Our Young Singers Program thoroughly covers all the aspects of breathing, vocal support and diaphragmatic control that facilitate building and expanding a healthy voice. 

It is our mission at Dallas Voice to develop world class voices in our Young Singers Program and to assist those students in realizing their goals. We recognize that each student has unique objectives and there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to uncovering and developing your child’s talent. However, the principles of how the human voice works is something that all vocalists would be well served to fully understand. We customize our training to incorporate those key principles in lock step with the achievement of each students’ individual goals. Regardless of whether your child wants to simply improve their singing voice, prepare for auditions (TMEA Auditions, UIL Solo and Ensemble, Musical Theater, Choir and Worship Team Auditions) overcome stage fright, develop a better comfort level performing on stage or become the next Britney Spears… we lay the principled groundwork that will stay with them throughout their vocal life...  these fundamental “tools” allow them to maximize their vocal potential and realize their dreams.  


Our experienced instructors cover all of the elements integral in understanding and developing a professional level voice…  we thoroughly cover the techniques that make “proper singing” possible… whether they want to sing Bocelli or AC/DC. These elements include but are not limited to…


  • Anatomy / physiology of the vocal cords and larynx 

  • Intensity/Power development

  • Projection

  • Vocal Lever Control

  • Breath & Diaphragmatic Support

  • Vowel Modification

  • Shape/Resonator Manipulation

  • Compression

  • Pitch

  • Phrasing

  • Dynamics

  • Diction

  • Vibrato 

  • Performance

  • Posture

Beyond developing a world class voice, formal vocal instruction provides a great many lifelong tools.  A young person gains a centering foundation of self-confidence that will serve them throughout their life. Vocal training is integral in developing a commanding presence that projects credibility. Students will become much more comfortable communicating, speaking and presenting to an audience. Whether it be when a person is interviewing for college or later when they are establishing themselves in their career, these communication skills are paramount. An outstanding vocal coach is the first critical step towards these life skills.

The professionals at are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and outgoing.  We create a positive environment that allows your child to feel comfortable and be themselves.  We make it fun!  We’re looking forward to helping your child develop and achieve their goals, and to have an amazingly rewarding and enjoyable time in the process.   

Young Singers Program:


We have two studio locations - one in Heath (near Rockwall) and one in Richardson.


Lessons are (1) one hour in length and are $300 per lesson.


Lesson Frequency: We typically recommend that students take one lesson per week… however, we do have students that take lessons every other week.. 


Scheduling: We book our schedule in advance for each month. Any necessary adjustments to the normal pattern will simply need to be arranged in advance. If a last minute reschedule becomes necessary, we are happy to allow that session to be applied elsewhere in the month if we have any open availability in our schedule. 


Payment: Full payment for the lessons for that month are required in advance. Payment is due on the 1st of the month via Zelle for that month.

Meet our coaches:

Kristy Johnson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has studied music since she was a child. Her formal study of vocal music spanned through elementary, middle and high school, and continued as she went on to study vocal performance at Stephen F. Austin State University on a vocal scholarship. Kristy’s years of formal training and performance experience coupled with advanced vocal strength training has expanded both her power, range and vocal flexibility making possible the delivery of very demanding vocal roles. Kristy’s earlier years initially focused on classical training and specifically opera. However, over the last decade plus, Kristy’s focus has expanded to include a number of very challenging contemporary rock vocal roles.  


Kristy has a performance history that spans multiple genres, including pop, country, jazz, blues, classic and alternative rock.  She has performed in and guested with numerous bands and projects in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as generously given of her time to be a vocal instructor for “Kids Who Rock of North Texas.” This is charitable organization that annually gives kids a chance to learn and experiment with music that they love under the guidance of seasoned pros. Kristy has been an advanced student of acclaimed vocal coach and tenor, David Houston, the founder of Dallas Voice; and has since become a senior instructor of the Young Voices Program with the Dallas Voice organization. Kristy has always been a natural-born performer, she is currently the "Ann Wilson" in the top-ranking Heart tribute, Even It Up - The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band, “and the “Amy Lee” in Ever The Essence – The Evanescence Experience, as well as the lead vocalist for Dallas area classic rock, pop and country cover band, Burning Sky.  



Hillary Leverton is a music specialist with one goal in mind: to inspire her students to excel and express themselves through music. She received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas and has a Level II Certification in the Kodaly Method from the University of North Texas. Prior to teaching in Plano ISD, Hillary competed in the IMTA Vocal Competition in Los Angeles and received 1st place out of 1,000 vocalists.  That experience led Hillary to teach private voice, acting, modeling and etiquette for students from 5 to 25 years of age.  She has now been teaching in Plano ISD at Stinson Elementary since 2007.  Over these years, Hillary received a number of prestigious honors. She was recognized as Elite Educator of the Year (KRBC), Beginning Teacher of the Year and Experienced Teacher of the Year in Plano ISD. She was also awarded the National PTA Life Achievement Award at Stinson, as well as received the North Texas Children’s Choir Sue Bancroft Teacher of the Year Award for her "excellence in training young singers.” This honor also recognized the fact that Hillary has provided her students the opportunity each year to sing at the Meyerson.  Hillary loves to teach her all-inclusive Stinson Star Choir of 110 students, NTCC Honor Choir, and her Musical Theatre group of 100 students. 


Hillary has also been an advanced student of renowned vocal coach and tenor, David Houston, the founder of This lead to her becoming a senior instructor of the Young Voices Program with the Dallas Voice organization. In addition to all of this, for over two decades, Hillary has enjoyed singing lead vocals with several successful rock bands in DFW. These include the classic rock band “Slim Chance” as well as her being the “Alanis” in Ironic: The Alanis Morissette Experience. But above all, Hillary loves teaching music and working with children.  Her colleagues have said, “We just adore Ms. Leverton!  Her passion is contagious!”