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YOUNG SINGERS PROGRAM (Ages 13 to young adult)

As a young, developing singer, are you ready to uncover and fully harness your natural ability and fast track the advancement of your vocal and musical skill sets?
It is our mission at Dallas Voice to develop world class voices in our Young Singers Program and to assist those students in realizing their goals. We recognize that each student has unique objectives and there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to uncovering and developing your child’s talent.
Regardless of whether your child wants to simply improve their singing voice, prepare for auditions (TMEA Auditions, UIL Solo and Ensemble, Musical Theater, Choir and Worship Team Auditions) overcome stage fright, develop a better comfort level performing on stage or become the next Britney Spears, we lay the principled groundwork that will stay with them throughout their vocal life. These fundamental “tools” allow them to maximize their vocal potential and realize their dreams.  We're here to take you to the next level in your musical journey.  
At Dallas Voice, we first assess a student’s natural abilities and ask them about their musical interests and objectives. In understanding this, we can tailor our instruction to include examples from artists that they know and love. When we understand where that student ultimately wants to go, we can help them get there.  
Many children are actively singing in their classrooms at school, and some children are already involved in theatre and are singing numerous hours per week. However, they may be reinforcing poor vocal technique day after day that is actually causing their progress to lag. Our Young Singers Program thoroughly covers all the aspects of breathing, vocal support and diaphragmatic control that facilitate building and expanding a healthy voice. 
Our experienced instructors cover all of the elements integral in understanding and developing a professional level voice.  We thoroughly cover the techniques that make “proper singing” possible, whether their goal is to sing Bocelli or AC/DC. These elements include but are not limited to…
  • Anatomy / physiology of the vocal cords and larynx 
  • Intensity/Power development
  • Projection
  • Vocal Lever Control
  • Breath & Diaphragmatic Support
  • Vowel Modification
  • Shape/Resonator Manipulation
  • Compression
  • Pitch
  • Phrasing
  • Dynamics
  • Diction
  • Vibrato 
  • Performance
  • Posture

Beyond developing a world class voice, formal vocal instruction provides a great many lifelong tools.  A young person gains a centering foundation of self-confidence that will serve them throughout their life. Vocal training is integral in developing a commanding presence that projects credibility. Students will become much more comfortable communicating, speaking and presenting to an audience. Whether it be when a person is interviewing for college or later when they are establishing themselves in their career, these communication skills are paramount. An outstanding vocal coach is the first critical step towards these life skills.
The professionals at are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and outgoing.  We create a positive environment that allows your child to feel comfortable and be themselves.  We make it fun!  We’re looking forward to helping your child develop and achieve their goals, and to have an amazingly rewarding and enjoyable time in the process.   





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