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Below are testimonials from current and former Dallas Voice Coach students. For more information on each student, click on their names for links to their websites.

John Kenny (Epic Unplugged)

“I have been a vocalist for many years without having any formal training. Since working with David, he has transformed me from a vocalist to a true singer. My range and stamina have never been better and I am singing songs I wouldn’t have thought possible before. Using his unique techniques, I have been able to hit notes effortlessly and without straining. I still have plenty of room for improvement and I look forward to growing as a singer with David’s help. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”


Kenny Lewis (China Town)

“I’ve been working with David since February of 2018...Where has the time gone? I never really considered myself a “singer”.  I was just a guitar player who could sing if you needed help on a few songs.  After only a few months of working with David, I felt like a legitimate vocalist.  I can’t believe the difference in my voice! The crazy thing is that I noticed the difference right away…after the first lesson!  A few months in and I was gaining real confidence.  I’m the only male vocalist in my band and I probably sing 80% of the night.  We do mostly corporate events and weddings and play 3-4 hours non-stop for most shows.  I now have the stamina to do that multiple nights a week and at a higher level than ever before. He’s even taught me how to sing through those nights when I’m not completely healthy. That’s a huge deal for me! There’s a reason why the majority of the vocalists in the DFW area have trained with David...He’s definitely the “go to” guy in the metroplex!”


Kristy Johnson (Even It Up – The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band)

“I have been a vocalist my entire life, and have studied with top vocal instructors since I was 16.  I was classically trained through high school and college, and my early vocal work centered around opera.  My vocal instruction focused on the techniques and exercises that would help me sing that type of music specifically. As my music projects evolved into both country and rock (especially power rock) I tried to continue to apply the same techniques to a totally different type of music, without realizing that those techniques were not allowing me to tap into my true potential.


It was much later in my career when I came across David at Dallas Voice Coach. Even though I was skeptical at first, I feel so fortunate to work with him.  David has helped me realize that a very different type of training and exercise is needed for the difficult vocals I am currently working on with Even It Up – The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band.  When trying to match the same range and power of a vocalist like Ann Wilson, a totally different type of approach is needed.  David helped me understand and utilize my “coordinated voice” and I’m seeing an increased range, an easier power with the high notes, and a vocal effortlessness without strain when I perform. I may have entered into the classes as a skeptic, but I’m coming out a total believer! David’s ability to explain what you need to do as a vocalist to tap into your coordinated voice makes a tricky concept easy to understand, and he is absolutely delightful to work with.  Follow the exercises and listen to what he says, and you’ll be blown away at what you can do. A better, more enjoyable, more powerful vocal performance experience awaits.”


Averielle (Solo Artist & Emerald City Band)

“I have had the best experience with David at Dallas Voice Coach, and I don’t plan on stopping!! He has brought out so much in my voice that it brings me to tears trying to express it all. I always knew that there was a science to great singing, but I never had a teacher who was able to explain it, illustrate it and bring it out of me until I found David. He is incredibly patient and he KNOWS what he’s doing. At first I thought to myself  “these exercises are crazy! How is this going to help my voice to do what I want it to do?” I am so glad that I put in the hard work because he has absolutely been a huge part of saving my vocal life, developing an enormous range and my now being able to sing things that I never thought I would ever hear come from my voice. He is GOLD. And I would also call him my friend because David is just a sweet hearted person, a good business man, and he always encouraged me even when I wanted to rip my vocal chords out and throw them out the window. Huge! Huge! Thank you to David…Amazing teacher!!!”


Joe Cosas – Keys/Vox/Utility/Co-MD for Jon Anderson (YES); Producer; Music Director

"Dave is an amazing vocal coach! He is patient, enthusiastic, and encouraging. Dave had a crucial part in me getting my last tour opportunity. The group was looking for a keyboardist who could sing. They had already heard me play, so my audition was based on my singing. I beat out at least 4 other musicians. I wouldn’t have had the confidence and/or technique I needed if it weren’t for Dave. Now I’m touring and singing next a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer! Thanks Dave!"


Tristan Blaine (Solo Artist)

“I have been studying with David at Dallas Voice Coach since 2013 and applying his vocal technique has totally helped me reach both higher and lower notes! David has shown me how to build a coordinated voice and has given me the knowledge of how to hit the high notes without straining. David has definitely helped me to achieve my goals and to get where I am today!!”


Teresa Lickliter (Solo Artist & Worship Leader)

“When I walked into the Dallas Voice Coach studio, I had what I considered to be an average voice with little confidence and even less understanding of how my voice worked. After having trained with several vocal coaches in Dallas, I didn’t really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was unlike anything I had ever experienced with vocal coaching before. I like to tell people, “it is like CrossFit for the voice”. You don’t just sing a few scales and then fumble through a song. You learn how to maximize your vocal ability by developing the proper techniques and understanding of how your voice actually functions. David shows you by example and in terms you can understand, exactly how to sing with the power and clarity you have always hoped for. I am thrilled with my progress so far and I am looking forward to seeing how far I can go!”


Olivia & Lexis (Saints Of Gold)

“We have been studying with David since 2012. The best part of having David as our teacher is that he knows exactly how the voice works! He understands our voices inside and out. We completely trust his method as it has transformed both of our voices and brought out our full potential. We would recommend him to everyone from beginners to professional singers who are looking to maximize their vocal potential. David is the real deal!!!”

Olivia & Lexis-

Samantha Leigh (Emerald City Band)

“David is the BEST vocal coach in the DFW area!! I completely lost my head voice three years ago and thought I’d never get it back.  Dave is the first person who was able to tap in and start getting some of that back.  He is super friendly, professional and really works with each person to make an individual plan to achieve their personal vocal goals.”


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