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Adults (18+): Lessons are 1 hour in length and $300 per session.


Young Singers Program: Lessons are 1 hour in length and $300 per session. Payment is due at the time of your session.  

After first discussing the fundamental elements that drive the human voice, we will assess the student’s voice through some basic exercises. Our initial focus will be on maximizing the development of both the upper and lower registers in isolation. This will lay the groundwork to build what will ultimately become a mature and powerful “coordinated voice”.

A coordinated voice refers to the tones produced when a singer simultaneously utilizes their upper and lower registers so as to produce a sound that has a duel quality. First establishing a coordinated sound and then mastering it via developing the ideal balance between the upper and lower registers. This is the ultimate objective. All of the world’s greatest voices (regardless of the style or genre of music) have a fully developed coordinated voice.

Through every step of this process, we explain to students why we are doing what we are doing and will illustrate this with our own voice. This process builds the vocal concept in the mind of the student which dramatically increases the speed and traction of the learning process. The content and focus of lessons will advance and expand as the student’s development increases but these key principles always remain the same.

With consistent work, students will develop not only a powerful voice, but they will come to “know their voice” and thus they will be able to rely upon it. A steadfast confidence in one’s voice is gained when students are able to hear and feel the dramatic increase in the strength and control that they gain over their voice.

When a student builds the muscle memory involved in consistently producing their ideal voice, confidence quickly follows. There is never again any reason to be apprehensive or concerned about one’s ability to “be in good voice.”

Our teaching style is very results-oriented.  We aggressively work to maximize the range, power, tone, control and versatility in the student’s voice. This is why we would refer to my process as “building vocal athletes.”

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